About Us & Our Pets

tweed coupleMandy (Scottish) and Cory (English) have lived in Melvaig since 2011.  They live with their adorable  and beloved, 3 legged German Cat, der Timmylein (now sadly in heaven), The Weasley Sisters (5 ginger chickens) and the Duckess of Sutherland and Argyll (our Khaki Campbell Ducks).


Mandy speaks German and pigeon Spanish, English and Scots (of course!), Cory speaks English and ‘hello‘ and ‘cheersin a lot of languages.  Timmy (Timmylein, aka Tripod) was fluent in Cat, German, Frankisch, Scots and English.

Mandy and Cory are away on a huge Expedition in 2017, walking the Pacific Crest Trail. 2650  miles of wilderness, on foot, from the Mexican border to Canada. Follow their adventure here in He and She Hike the PCT!